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DocMail is a certified add-on solution for Dynamics NAV, which enables the company to send the company’s documents as PDF documents via email. These can be documents such as offers, order confirmations, invoices, credit notes, bank statements etc.

The system supports that the various documents, sent to different recipients, by the individual customer or creditor. Thus, offers can be forwarded to one or more email addresses, while posted invoices are forwarded to other email addresses.

The solution supports the use of the company’s letterhead as a mask, in connection with the creation of the PDF document. You will thus get a document that in color and layout exactly matches a printed document on letterhead.

The solution can be configured to layout the sent mail with graphics and variable follow text in the mail. All texts can be controlled by the language code they are set on customer or creditor.
The e-mail can be sent via an SMTP server or through the user’s Outlook client. By using the user’s mail client, it is possible to edit the mail before sending.

Installation and setup takes a few minutes and the instruction can be done remotely in half an hour.

Contact Naviators for further information.

If you need support for DocMail you can go to the solution support page you can click here