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Rebook Tool

Extension for Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central

Is it regulary happening, that you or somebody in your financial department, makes mistakes in posting to the general ledger? Do you find that it is difficult or complicated to correct a entry in the general ledger, that are posted on a wrong account, or with wrong set of dimensions?

To correct wrong entries posted to general ledger is a complicated task, that requires a good overview.
This kind of tasks is in Dynamics 365 Business Central solved in a general journal, and requires that you are very careful when you enters the
journal line, that are supposed to eliminate the wrong transaction, and when you create the new and correct transaction. In this process it is quite
likely to make a mistake.

With this app you can fast make rebooking of the wrong transaction. You can be sure that the wrong transaction is perfectly eliminated, on the right
account and with the correct set of dimensions. In the same working proces you can easy create and post the right transaction.

  • Fast and safe elemination of a wrong transaction posted to the general ledger
  • Fast and safe posting of the correct transaction
  • Audit trail that documents the transactions

Contact Naviators to get started with using the tool, and making fast and safe corrections to transactions in the general ledger,

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